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Thread: QUE AS LEADER OPTION (Check a Box if you are willign to be Raid Leader)

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    Exclamation QUE AS LEADER OPTION (Check a Box if you are willign to be Raid Leader)

    To often I am in losing Warfronts because of an incompetent leader who can't do the basic task of Marking the high Priority Targets in Order of Priority. Something that goes a long way in being able to focus fire targets quickly or kill healing Clerics.

    I understand why you can't let everyone mark because that would be just chaos. So why not have a box at the bottom of your Warfront Panel that is default unchecked and that must be check to be placed as Raid Leader in a Warfront.

    This will immediately get rid of all the leaders who never wanted to be leader and thus don't help out in anyway.

    Also, If Warfronts are going to be across server then you should be able to pass raid leader across server. I see it all the time where say I want to be raid leader the current leader who does not want the job tries to pass lead but since we are not on the same server he can not pass it.

    These are must have fixes for Warfronts.

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    You can pass leader to anyone in the raid by selecting them and typing in /leader.

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