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Thread: PvP Quests

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    Default PvP Quests

    Trion needs to implement a special repeatable pvp quests :
    1.Kill 5 enemy healers
    2.Capture 5 flags in The Codex
    3.Kill fang holder in Black Garden
    4.Kill shard holder in Whitefall Steppes
    5.Use silence or healng debuffs or interrupts 5 times on healers or casters.
    6.Protect fang holder from 5 assassins
    7.Pick fang/shard 3 times in Black Garden/Whitefall Steppes
    8.Use cc or aoe abbilities to pressure enemy team
    9.Kill marked targets
    10.Protect supports and healers from enemies.
    I'm astounded by how stupid players can be.Maybe adding such quests may fix that problem.Even if i mark enemy players no one bothers to attack them despite the big 1 over their heads.I am seriously proposing that Trion should add such quests.No joking and trolling please.
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