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Thread: Warfront brackets...

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    Default Warfront brackets...

    The only thing I have a concern about warfronts is the bracket levels. I think WoW hit a home run when they changed the brackets to 5 levels instead of 10. Ten levels is too much. A toon in the lower levels of the bracket are usually a hindrance to a team than a help. Just my opinion.

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    the issue more has to do with queue times then anything else, and Rift "hit a home run" over WoW with a system that buffs lower levels players health and damage. All players in bracket WF's have stats comparable to the top level players in the bracket, the buff sees to it. I don't see any reason changes need to be made, and splitting up the brackets further would only increase the queue times.

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    And even as a lower level if you at least take the time to get some decent gear, and use item enhancements to help some it isn't that bad.

    I have a 23 chloro and even when he was level 20 starting in that new bracket being a healer I was still able to help my team. My 20 assassin / bard was the same way. At level 20 I would just be sneaky and cap flags in codex then sneak off.

    You just have to know how to play, and be a team player and it works fine.

    You also level fairly decently in warfronts too, I do most of my leveling via rifts. invasions and pvp haha.

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