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Thread: Defiant: 30-39 Warfronts (Where art thou tanks?)

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    Default Defiant: 30-39 Warfronts (Where art thou tanks?)

    Hi Guys,

    Just a curious question here. What happened to all the Defiant tanks for 30-39 warfronts?

    When I played a tank up, our main concern was no healers. Now that I'm playing a healer, zippo tanks. If I'm lucky, I might see one tank every three matches. I am not exagerating. I notice plenty of Guardian warriors still role into warfronts, but there appears to be a boycott from the Defiant side.

    So I ask, Defiant warriors, where art thou?

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    in our 30-39 bracket on my healer we have a lack of dps, go figure lol

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