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Thread: Game dev Timeline

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    Question Game dev Timeline

    I was looking for any information about what is in development till the end of 2011.
    Could someone post something like a timeline?

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    Morning folks,

    We mentioned at E3 that Hammerknell is only the begining of the new content we'll be launching in the next 3 to 6 months. We've got a ton of stuff coming down the pipe including
    New 50+ outdoor zone
    New 50+ dungeon
    New 10 man instanced slivers
    New largescale battle Warfront & and open world PvP events
    New dynamic rift content & world events

    Of course the details on these updates will be released a bit later on when we're closer to launch. But we are actively working on new content for all of our subscribers.

    I think this should get stickied, otherwise we'll have to repost it every day...

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