Don't let the Title fool you, what I'm talking about is mostly how the monsters are balanced to be killable by players.

In Rift, PvP seems to be an afterthought to PvE, with massive hard hitting monsters that require massive damage to kill, massive survivability to take blows against, and massive heals to keep everyone ups. This makes it very easy to break the balance of PvP because instead of players being balanced around competition with eachother they're balanced around these mob encounters.

I would like to suggest that there's another way to do this, by balancing the PvE content around the PvP content. For the people playing the game, this method of balancing would go largely unnoticed, but in terms of warfronts the difference between the orders of balancing would be clear. Some games have done this with a great deal of success for both PvE and PvP, and as much as I loath instance heavy gameplay Guild Wars is a good example. Instead of designing players to kill monsters, players are designed to kill eachother, and monsters are based off of this design. The monsters can be every bit as challenging and killing them every bit as rewarding without overpowering the player.