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Thread: Trion, Nerf Everyone

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    Default Trion, Nerf Everyone

    Really. Mages rogues and Warriors all deal too much damage. Warriors and Clerics survive too long. Sure these complaints contradict each other, but we still expect you to fix both. And what's with the Clerics? If you get four Clerics healing each other, my mage can't kill them by himself. And when I play as a Cleric, I can be stunned and killed by skilled players! Wtf? My warrior is at a disadvantage to people who fight from a distance. Why can't I throw my sword? Their armor is so much weaker, if I could attack at the same range I'd have no problem.

    Really Trion, get with the program. Every class should be able to solo every other class with no real work. If you don't fix this, you'll lose my 15 dollars a month, which I'm sure will be a huge financial blow to your company.

    (Just wanted to consolidate everything into one topic. Did I forget anything?)

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    agreed, its the only right thing to do

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