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Thread: Meter Addiction and You

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    Default Meter Addiction and You

    I've played MMORPGs since 97. From DSO on the TEN Network to RIFT I've been there and done that. Across decades I've come to discover that PvP is the only thing left in MMORPs that keeps me half way interested but why??? Meter Addiction. In WoW they constantly messed with your classes so it was impossible to stay on top no matter how well you geared, but in RIFT you can be anything. There are so many souls to play with it became obvious where I could get my fix, PvP! Sadly, even that's become pretty boring... But I log in and do it a few times a day for some absurd reason, and it's the only reason I log on. That reason is to look at my obnoxious numbers on some meter. To remind myself I still can, whenever I want, be a baddass. Maybe I should look into meters IRL such as stock brokering.

    Anyone else have the pair to admit they suffer from meter addiction?
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    HI, my name is Juggernaut.......I have Meter Addiction.

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