I'm so sick of this rogue. It wasn't enough he was able to get onto our bridge..he got on a tower waaay up above our bridge in Codex(defiant side) and shot down on people running by. My pets couldn't even get to him.

Is this working as intended??!! I assume if you cant get to our spawn point(or not supposed to) you aren't supposed to be able to magically get up on our bridge either?..and then??!!..on top of a tower looking DOWN on the bridge?...REALLY?

If i hadn't been killed so quickly by "floating rogues hanging from towers" I would have screenshotted it.

Has anyone else seen this?..I urge anyone who sees this to screeny it and send it in. Message me for the name of the P*** poor rogue who can't seem to play this game without hacking.

I swear when I see him in WFs I leave...Whats the point? His cheats prevent me from playing the game as intended. If i see him again I'm following his sorry arse around and screenshotting every single move he makes..

I am sick and tired of it.

/rant off.