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Thread: Just and Idea to implament more warfront maps

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    Lightbulb Just and Idea to implament more warfront maps

    I love PVP and have been for doing it loong time, anyway i was thinking 5 years of Guild Wars random PVP and they only have like 4 maps. I really really really want more maps . im level 41.80 and so far i realy like all the maps but there are only 3 so far on Warfront

    So my idea to keep the maps full of players and have more maps to is to have open say 3 maps at a time if you have say 10 *couph* or more maps total either at 1-4-8 hour intervals or even better have them move down a list keeping 3 open at all times and just move down the list as soon as the last map has finished game play. Or have only open maps equal to player needs then rotate maps.

    I don't know how this would work but its just an idea. Like i said 5 years on 4 maps O-o i dont wana do that again peace out
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