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    Hello all,

    My name is Tieknee/Krunch/charge....... Ishmael for all it's worth.

    I was hoping to make a constructive post outlining why I think defiants lose much of the time.

    This post is not to sound holier than thou-ish at all, and if it does. Sorry.

    Number One- People don't ever use the map powerups. This is a big map guys, to the far left and far right there are two orbs that will increase your damage for a short time. The power up can be crucial in sniping down the carrier, ranged rogues are the best choice in my opinion but I'm sure this will help anyone.

    Number Two- This goes hand in hand with number one, it is a big map USE IT. Too many times have I seen my team get bogged down in the middle, only to have the enemy FC chill in their corner. That only makes the game a one sided loss, which is pretty ridiculous.

    Number three- Teamwork. Plainly put, cooperate using the strengths of your individual class. If a mage use your roots, stuns, squirrels, freezes, slows. Rogues use your saps, snares, and stuns effectively. Never played a cleric so I don't know their CC but I am sure they have some. Warriors have insane CC if specced into it.

    Number four- Communicate, do something other than OMG YOU ALL SUCK WE GANNA LOSE OMG... (Very dramatized but I'm sure you all get my drift)
    Is a healer bugging you call the name out or something to get attention to the fact it needs to be deaded or CC'd. Communication is hard, people won't listen but with any amount of hope the game you are in will be with like minded people who would not like to waste their time only to lose. Even a very close loss is worth more favor then giving up only to get blown out 500-50ish.

    I don't claim to be amazing at BG, warfronts or this game in general, however i do play them a lot and if you do also you make have seen my guys leveling up. (Charge/Krunch/Tieknee) If you have seen me you also know i say the same things like 90% of battle grounds, and those are just short messages about utilizing the map. Again I'm sure many will dis regard this but if even 20% see it and alter their playing at all, I will be happy.

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    your goona see alot of this on both sides really just luck of the draw with pugs

    my biggest issue with BG is the fact gaurd. have a big fn los spot that is close to there gy and the middle (so they get more points standing there and easier reinforcements)makes it a pita to get to them.while we have nothing like it on our side.

    map imbalance is never fun they either need to get rid of it (best idea imo) or give us the same advantage.

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    Defiants roll Guards pretty much on BG in our cluster.


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