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Thread: Suggestions for balance

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    Default Suggestions for balance

    In every MMORPG game i've ever played (and we can trace this back to muds), it's always been rock paper scissors. In RIFT you have the ability to choose differnt souls, and give it a whole nother demision. A Rogue could be a ranged dps, a meele dps, even a healer of sorts. The problem is that in pvp, it isnt working this way. I HATE crying OP and NERF. Right now, there are only 2 spec's in rogue that are able to beat a healer. both are very high, you have fellblades at 32, and 44 marksmen for the removal of the buff. Warriors have mana drain, and a nice healing debuff that lasts. However now you pretty much went back to the crappiest way MMORPG's always where. You've forced people to spec in maybie 2 or 3 spec's to be viable in pvp. Why? Because healers can out heal all but pyro's burst dps (Maybie ele/storm). In an attempt to make it more viable to kill another enemy without making cleric's useless, i added a few solutions.

    Purposed solutions

    - In the rogue PVP Soul, at a 5 point finisher that debuffs a healer. Each point adds 2% per combo points in healing debuff. At max level it should be a 35% healing debuff. Give it marginal damage, so everyone is happy


    - In the rogue PVP Soul, or early on in another soul, give an opener (requires stealth) that does damage and apply's the healing debuff.


    Lower fellblades to a 11 point ability in Night Blade

    For warriors,

    Add in the PVP soul a swing that removes 1 debuff per hit and does a small bit of damage.

    I'm sure these will be overlooked but i had to say something. A Rogue right now past level 30 is unplayable in pvp unless you little spec 1 of 2 ways, and both ways arn't fun for me....kinda kills the whole idea of choose your own class.

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    Care to deliver a guess as to how many Mage Souls are viable in PvP? How about PvE?

    What about Warriors?

    What about Clerics?

    You have FOUR absolutely awesome specs and a few floaters for utility. If you can't use them properly, there's no debuff the devs can give you, short of instant-kill, that would improve your chances.

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