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Thread: Trion you can't be serious... >.<

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    Default Trion you can't be serious... >.<

    Angry Trion you can not be serious...

    As is in 1.3 a tremendous base Valor is given to people who have never even pvp'd?? Are you out of your mind?? With these changes in the valor, and the adding of the base valor, Trion you basically just ninja-nerfed all the Valor people earned working hard over the last month or so by about 50%. And handed non-pvprs something that took pvprs a long time to get. :s

    I will, with out a doubt in hell, unsub within 1min of seeing this go lives. I really hope it does not. Anyone who does not pvp should not have ANY damn Valor.

    And if you are keeping it this way... where is my stupid-free Focus. Even tho I don't ever pve. The changes for 1.3 that I have seen thus far are mindlessly foolish. You will lose many subs over this imo.
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    Ire, dude... like... it is the second sticky up there, in re: Valor Changes.
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