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Thread: Two Melee Line of Sight Issues Need to be Addresses.

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    Default Two Melee Line of Sight Issues Need to be Addresses.

    1: Line of Sight by Jumping: It's not just that they jump behind or away from the melee attacker, it's that often jumpers will appear to be directly in front of melee attackers and unattackable. Maybe it's lag, but I'd like to suggest that players getting whaled on in melee range have a reduced ability to jump. I mean think about it, would you be able to leap around sideways like a prancing deer if someone were stabbing you in the gut or whaling on you with a heavy hammer?

    2: Line of Sight by Elevation: This actually effects a lot of ranged attackers as well, and I've seen rogues and mages knowingly exploit this to kill someone with dots while standing on a sweet spot where they are impervious to attack. Often when trying to attack players who are standing on a slope, a rock, or otherwise off elevation we get the error message that we "Must be facing the target" when we try to attack, this needs to change. I shouldn't be able to stack dots on someone and then just stand on a rock or slope while they die.

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    Jumping should be penalized like in DAoC. If you jump make it penalized, stop these peple who have to jump exploit to be decent in pvp.

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    It is unbelievable what people will do to get an advantage and then think they what they are doing is fine.

    I just was trying to take out a player who started to kite. When people do that, it is hard enough to hit them, but then they started bunny hopping.

    I called them out on it and they acted like it was fine to do it. So they can kite, cast instant spells and heal while I cannot hit them because they are bunny-hopping.

    They should be banned for exploiting. It is a flaw in the mechanics of the game. Ranged already has an advantage over melee and then they have to exploit for another advantage. When they fix this, I will be so happy. Tired of bunny-hopping *******s.
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    You can bet your last sourceshard that these kiting bunny hoppers were the very same players that QQ'd about melee circle strafing until they got their single LOS check.

    I love rift. I seriously HATE PvP in rift compared to what it was like in early beta.

    Number 2 is well planned strategic placement. If they got up there, then so can their enemies. I don't believe there is anything wrong with players that find a good height advantage.
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