o.k very simple .
Fix the dam heals already in pvp tired of seeing majority of clerics and healing mages in warfronts .
Its already hard to kill one pure healer now everyone and their mom is rolling a cleric or mage with some sort of support healing.
I am afraid with the new changes this will make those classes even harder to kill , as boring as warfront pvp is right now, i can only imagine runing around trying to kill a bunch of healers that are pretty much impossible to kill.Not looking foward for long 15 min fights.
Wake up clerics and mages would you wanna be pvping with a bunch of other clerics and mages only?
as hard as it is for a pure dps to kill a healing cleric or mage you can only imagine the long fights clerics vs clerics or mages will take.
Fix the Heals already in pvp.