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Thread: Well on the good side of the valor changes ...

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    Default Well on the good side of the valor changes ...

    It will make my premade even stronger. 20% mitigation or not, when we focus fire on you, you're going down. And since my healers all cross-heal, they will be much harder to bring down now as well.

    Since I run 90% premades and we win 80% of the time, this will be a benefit for me. Frankly, I think it's a mistake to make changes that further benefit premades over PUGs, but at least my guild will get the benefit of it. I guess it will move our winning percentage closer to 90%.

    Of course, this will further serve to push people out of PVP. So, I guess the intent to bring more people into PVP will backfire. That's my guess anywhere.
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    Completely agree, these changes are stupid... so what you get ganked by a r6 player my main bubbles is rank 5 and she can hold her own, but by making these stuped changes your pushing out the players that love pvp and making it easier for us clearics to not get owned... If its really that big of a deal and others are whinning about the poor me its OMG a premade or OMG there all in rank 6 gear, then make a pvp shard or server for just rank6 players... Ive been playing since march and im now rank 5 i didnt complain once because you know its part of the pvp world, honestly its not really the gear but the way you play if you stay up on the bridge and dont jump down and get your hands full of blood you will lose.

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