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Thread: Valor and PvP

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    Default Valor and PvP

    I understand the reason why Trion is, once again, messing around with Valor and PvP in geneeral. They want to reduce the gap between rank 6 players and newly dinged 50s. That is fair, I believe. The way they are doing it though, leaves me a bit perplexed.

    If they are planning to introduce some RvR mechanics, such as conquerable buildings and areas, I think this might be the right solution. But if they are doing this for warfronts, I am going to call these changes a big mistake.

    There is a way to fix the gap between PvP ranks. Just implement separate WFs for ranks 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. Wouldn't that be easier and make everybody happy? Unless, as I said and hope, they are going to boost open PvP. In that case, maybe the changes are necessary and good.

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    I just started PvPing on my toon. I just hit rank 2, but i honestly dont have that hard of a time. Actually in most warfronts i am in the top 5 for damage done. I play a warrior my spec is 34 champ, 21 para and 11 VK. In black garden i go into my tank spec that is 51 Vk and 15 paladin. I go into my tank spec, because it makes it easier to hold the flag longer.

    Over all, the only class/spec i have the hardest time w/ is the pesky rogues who shoot me w/ there bows/guns. Other then that i do not see a problem w/ PvP.

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    The whole thing is, players are fighting in pve vs stuff with multiple million hp then vs players with 5k hp more or less.

    They are about to introduce new weapons that are way better than current ones, so they are changing valor again to accomidate this I guess. I just hate that they are doing this.. The difference is already huge, soon it will be required to have pve weapons to pvp. I'm not saying pve shouldn't be better.. But they are almost twice as good from what I can tell. That much difference makes the pvp weapons worthless.
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    You can't join a GSB or RoS group and be successful in greens or blues once you hit 50 why should you be successful in pvp without having to work for it?

    1.1 and before made getting to rank 6 a real grind its bad enough its easily done now with 1.2- 1.3 will without a doubt effect pvp in only bad ways.

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