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Thread: The problem isn't valor or healing. The problem is people want to be Rambo.

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    Default The problem isn't valor or healing. The problem is people want to be Rambo.

    In WoW you had nearly every spec of every class with a 50% healing debuff by the end of Wrath of the Lich King. In Rift every class has a healing debuff around 50%, but only in specific souls. Those souls are usually not the same souls that provide the maximum damage capabilities for the class.

    A 51-pt Assassin will not have a healing debuff. He may have the 15-point outgoing healing debuff from the Infiltrator tree, but he won't have anything to stop incoming heals. 32 Nightblade has a poison which applies a healing debuff, ensuring that the target is likely to remain debuffed for as long as the Nightblade can stay on him. But Nightblade doesn't offer the same pewpew as Assassin does, so people don't play it as often. When you join a Warfront now and you see five Rogues you can usually win a bet that two of them are Marksmen and two of them are Assassins. Marksman doesn't have a healing debuff either. Your team of ten people has two Assassins, two Marksmen, and a Bard. That means great damage but there's no healing debuff. The Mage on your team is probably a Pyro or a Stormcaller - also no healing debuff that I've ever seen. Dominator has awesome healing debuffs but they don't do much in the way of damage.

    Premades don't have a problem with healers because premades know how to call targets, debuff/CC healers and their targets, and kill everyone else. Once everyone is dead the healer has nothing left. Or the healer gets full of debuffs and assist trained. A problem might exist where two groups of five healers all join a premade together, but you would have problems with two groups of five assassins doing the same thing. Two groups of ten bards would probably be a nightmare.

    Diminishing returns on CC do not occur on healing debuffs, so there is no reason why a slightly organized group couldn't coordinate long enough to drop a healer. If you're hitting someone who is being healed you're doing it wrong to begin with, and if a healer is keeping himself up with more than two people attacking him then you're doing it wrong. Healing debuffs are invaluble, and by not using them you are causing the healing problem for yourselves.

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    Some stormcallers have the 50% healing debuff from the dom tree and Priests lament, and aressting presence while still being able to put out amazing damage and CC/mess up the enemies casters, dont put us in the same boat as 51 point assassins (shudder).

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