So I have now reached lvl 50 and it's cool. I am getting my butt kicked all over the place I am assuming because I have no relic gear or the super Valor gear or not enough of it. I have like 120k of favor but cant buy a lot of the pvp gear from the merchants because I am not ranked high enough. It's all good. I will get there. WF is all I ever do. Open world is fun if you find it and I have but after reading the forums here it seems quite a lot of folks are upset with it. No incentive,nothing to do but greif, which I have seen very little of and no objectives really. I would propose this....make it like DAoC used to be and still is. Defend keeps,towers, points and most importantly have a instant zone for all this fighting if it cant be done in the current zones. have a place where lvl 50's can go and actually pvp in. The three zones in DAoC where optimal for this kind of warfare and so was WH. They had it down to a science imo and it worked and still does. You could go out any given day and find fights with folks just roaming around. Groups,soloers duo's etc. It was a blast and it could be here to. Have some elite mobs running around as well to throw monkey wrenches in the fights,mobs roaming the usual. Or you could do it like the battle zones where you could lvl in those zones and get gear from drops. Just a suggestion to get folks out more to fight randomly in large areas.