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Thread: Trion don't buff valor

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    Default Trion don't buff valor

    The damage mitigation is high enough, if you make it any higher or release new gear with higher valor then you're going to just imbalance the game to gear>skill further. Healing doesn't scale with valor, it's already hard enough to keep up with wardens spam healing everyone with damage mitigation, don't make it worse.

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    As a warden healer, I support this thread. It is already pretty awesome being able to keep a group up by myself, no need to make it easier.

    Yes, it would be full of epic win if I could solo heal PS and not have a single person on my team die.

    Then, I sit back and think about it. If i can do that (and i suck), so can the other team's warden(s). Then we all just run into the middle and have an... uh... epic? facesmash the keyboard battle with no one from either side dying.

    This does not sound fun.

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