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Thread: End Game built almost entirely around instances

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    Default End Game built almost entirely around instances

    Including warfronts which is instanced PvP. The problem with end game being built so much around instances is it means there's not much in the way of world activity, even if a lot of players are online you may only see a very small handful outside of your dungeon, warfront, or raid group. This not only leaves the impression of a deserted empty shard, it makes World PvP difficult and results in a shard full of people who can scarcely be mobilized to even defend zones from invasions. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to crawl around Stillmoor looking to stir up some trouble only to find a deserted zone dominated by a death invasion.

    So what I'm ultimately getting to is, yeah, instances are nice, but the game shouldn't be built around them. People get bored of instances, they start feeling like a tedious grind even when running them with friends and guildies in voice chat. You can only kill a dragon or a raid boss so many times before it starts to get boring and before long even new instances start feeling like more of the same.

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