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Thread: Are Definants over-powered?

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    Default Are Definants over-powered?

    This may have been discussed before, but I'm new to the forums.

    Although I don't have any level 50's yet so cannot comment on end-game PvP, I do have multiple mid/high level characters (both Guardian and Defiant) which I do PvP with regularly. My small guild of friends are all exactly the same as me.

    We are all finding that our win/loss ratio on Defiant is ridiculously higher than when playing Guardian. The specific map does affect the win/loss percentage but in every case the Defiants come out on top, and the difference is huge. I would hazzard a guess that on average Defiants I win 60-70% of my matches where as on Guardian it corresponds to about 30-40%. This applies whether I am alone or playing as a group on comms.

    I've played enough PvP now to conclude that this is definately a trend, so what gives?

    Ironically, the Defiants seem to win more often than not despite seeming to roll less healing Clerics than the Guardians which kind of goes against logic.

    FYI, I play on Whitefall.
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    No and they must be better at pvp than your guardians.

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    Default yes they do

    Coz they have a healer that can spam aoe heal which cleanse one debuff at the same time and aoe detaunt.
    And they have a mage that can cc'ed you to death while backloading damage for 8k or melt your group with aoe.

    Oh wait...

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    On my cluster, defiant is very dominant, also. Very, dominant.

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