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Thread: Common class complaints

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    Default Common class complaints

    Most common calling complaings:

    Mage ---

    truth, 95% of the time the pyro that is one shotting you is because your already at about half life and there is flight time involved with mage spells, so instead of getting hit one at a time if a pyro is concentrating on you its going to be fireball 800-1000 fireball 800-1000 fulminate 5000+ back to back. Play a mage/pyro before you complain about them. They are exactly what they are supposed to be glass cannons.

    yeah, pain in the *** to kill but alot lower dps output vs players. simple way to stop them from healing, stuns and silences. The end. Purge of sometype is valuable vs a chlorolock


    actually dont hear too many complaints about them, tanks are pretty useless in pvp unless they have a pocket healer.


    guess what i think assassin is one of the best built classes right now, good dps output, alot of skills at hand to get into and out of combat, and if built right can last a little while in combat. Ive ran across some very good assassins and some very terrible ones. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

    Outranging mages, Eradicate, Burst damage

    I have to kind of agree with their burst damage they shouldnt really have more range and mobility than anyone else in the warfront. But then again here ive met some terrible marksmen and some really good ones. Only thing i can suggest to bring into alignment is mabye a 5 sec cd on eradicate and same range as mages but give them a few more snare breaking or immunity so they can continue to kite. If you dont believe marksmen are UBER powerful right now just check out the rogues on the WF now, the good rogues are playing assassins bards ect.. the bad ones are playing marksmen and about 95% of them are marksmen in WF's. (ive gotten into a warfront with 9 rogues and me before) *Has a flashback of when pyro's were on top"

    Clerics in PVP are too overpowered

    this is kind of agree with but then again with the same thing as chlorolock or necrolock, stuns and silences are your friend. strategically use them, when the cleric is low on health guess what? they are going to try to heal, there is your opportunity to silence them.

    Just remember the more you troll about one class or another though the more they are honestly going to get messed up. They are going to fix eventually whatever you guys are complaining about but all its going to do is tip the scales one way or another. I.E. Pyro's were on top, now marksmen are.

    Don't get mad just get even, or if you get facerolled in a WF its prolly because either your against a premade, your side just didnt have the good mix OR you suck. Either way after losing wait a few min, join a different warfront.

    Btw Yes i have a 51/15 pyro/am build and a 35 lock/21 chloro/10 AM and although i prefer neither ( I like dominator ) until they fix dominator vs diminishing returns its kinda useless in pvp.

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    So the point of your post is ...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatorex View Post
    So the point of your post is ...?
    on their head? Lol jk. Point was to stop crying about imbalances I think. Which wont happen, so onto next topic...
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    indeed. I play a heavy chlorobuild. A simple purge can kill my ability to heal. So spam al your purges. I will hate you for life.

    Fun as hell to play tho =)
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    Point of the post is nerf everything and buff warriors!!!11!!!1!

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