Last night made me see something..
It was the big one in Shimmersand, with the golem boss, and then the 5 gladiator bosses.
While killing the 1st boss with a full raid, guardians turned up and put an end to that, catching us by surprise.
Ok so we fought back, 15 mins later it was a case of spawn die spawn die for BOTH sides.
Stupidly, we were both spawning at the SAME respawn point, which was also where the fight was taking place! How dumb is that?
So both sides had instant respawning as their graves were right there, and that area was just being AoE'd to hell by anyone alive.

It made me realise that you need a way of temporarily 'winning' these invasion PVP battles.
At least you should get to spawn riight next to where you died when killed iin PVP.
At most, we need a maachanism where who ever kills x amount first (ideas needed), the opposing team gets banished from the zone/area for say 15 mins. Reward for their win.

As it is now, PVP like this could just go on forever. Luckily this time we regrouped and wiped them out in 1 swoop, then they retreated and didn't bother coming back. If they did, it would have been back to square one again.