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Thread: Things to know about the Rogue

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    Default Things to know about the Rogue

    Here is a summation of important skills(cool downs, class defining skills, etc.) to know if you are going up against a rogue. Feel free to add on to this list. For now I'm just doing these, will do more if this is something people are interested in. Also it would be cool if people did these for the other classes as well.

    Disclaimer: Obviously this game has hybrids, I try to take that into account when explaining things. Also I use the masculine pronoun for simplicity, sorry if that offenders anyone.

    Assasin: This is the stealth guy that bursts you down or puts a lot of dots on you. Many people go either very deep(51), kinda deep(31ish for in-combat stealth) or not very deep(17).

    One way to identify a sin is if he has a few buffs that looks like daggers dripped in poison. The common ones are lower in the tree and don't necessarily mean it's a sin.

    After coming out of stealth he does 15% more damage and takes 15% less damage.

    Stealth lasts forever, runs at normal speed, harder to detect, if hidden veil(60s cd and 40 points deep so some will not have) is on and you hit him with aoe he will not come out of stealth for 15s. He can go into stealth in combat once every 2 mins.

    If he opens with bleeds they will kill you unless you are a tank or you can get heals, they cannot be cleansed.

    If you see expose weakness debuff on you it probably means an assassin(only 10 points in so could be another class) is about to open on you, try aoeing or just run away.

    His stealthed mez is called incapacitate and is melee range(compared to the nightblades 20m range 'lost hope' mez). He also has a single target ranged in-combat confuse/fear with 60s cd. Also has a 7m aoe confuse for 6s(high in tree) and 30s cd.

    He can stun for 4 seconds, from stealth or already in combat.

    Nightblade: This is the elemental guy that shoots fire at you and has those million defensive cooldowns. People can go 14ish for a dmg sub-soul, 32 for heal debuff, 44 for def cd's, or 51 for dmg cd.

    A good way to identify a nightblade is by his weapon enchants(similar to sin). NB's enchants are red daggers. 1 of these is low in the tree, another is semi-high.

    Has stealth but it lasts 30s, easy to detect if close, ranged mez, cannot stealth in combat(requires 31 in sin, you will know he does not have this if he uses more than the purple defensive cooldown), all aoes will knock him out of stealth.

    Can open with a 2s fear, +20% dmg boost, or 5s silence.

    If he attacks you a couple times he will proc a -50% healing received debuff.

    He has 3 defensive cooldowns with 2min cds: twilight shelter(this is a purple circle) lasts 8 seconds, reduces dmg done by 40% and dmg taken by 80%, Twilight Transcendence(this is a blue circle) cleanse harmful effects and immunes all damage for 3s, Blackout(blue background with black shield in the middle) all attacks miss him for 6s. Twilight shelter is only 18 points deep while the others are 38 and 44.

    His damage cooldowns are ebon fury(2min cd) which takes away the cooldown of his main combo builders for 15s, and living flame(1min cd but 51 points deep) which does respectable aoe damage around him for 5 seconds, move away or knock back if you can. He can also move and cast other things while this is running.

    He has a 30s cd finisher which makes his next few attacks do dmg. If you see this(purple and black vine icon) you are about to get hit really hard.

    He does 30% more damage to you if you are under 30% hp(on most skills, not all).

    He has an in combat ranged mez with 30s cd.

    Has a ranged snare that does good damage.

    Bladedancer: This is the only rogue with a charge(note: not a teleport) and uses many damage cooldowns. This still isn't very common and most only use it as a damage sub-soul.

    Has a ranged interupt that silences for 5s.

    If you attack him and he dodges he does significantly more damage or can stun you for 4s(20s cd).

    After he does a finisher his next 3 skills do double dmg (assasins like to use this too).

    15s cd charge that roots for 2s.

    7m aoe fear for 6s, high in tree(so very rare) and 30s cd.

    Can break all cc and be immune for 8s(2 min cd). This is high in tree and very rare.

    Cooldowns: (he can use only 1 at a time and must wait a bit between uses and all have 2min cd and all last 15s)
    Side Steps: Dodge goes up by 50%
    Sprint: run 70% faster
    Blade Tempo: Phys dmg goes up 30%
    The above are common while the below are rare(high in tree and very few if any go that high).
    Double Coup: Every other attack(only his weak one) does double damage and 100% crits.
    Dualism: Every other attack(the good ones) hits twice and gives 1 more combo point
    Blade and Soul Parity: Crit chance +50% and nothing costs energy.

    Ranger: The one with the pet.

    People don't use this in pvp, at least not good players. Some point spec low into it for weak 30m ranged skills or reduced dmg taken/higher dmg done.

    Marksman: The ranged guy that does a lot of dmg and purges you. If you see one of these guys he is probably pretty deep(38 for the big dmg cooldown). Some go less to get heal debuff from nb.

    His basic skills make him run a little faster but not too much.

    He has a sprint that gives +70% ms for 5s and removes/immunes snares on 21s-ish cooldown.

    35 meter range.

    He can reset all his cooldowns once every 3 minutes.

    He has a couple multi-target aoes but they are rather weak.

    He can knock you back with 30s cd.

    He has strafe(good dmg, generates 5 combo points over 4s duration and he can run behind a tree while casting and still hit you). If he does this he will probably follow it up with a hard hitting skill so if it gets you low get away from him.

    He has barbed shot(no cd but only lasts 6 seconds). This does damage when you move.

    He has 15s cd ranged interupt that also silences you for 5s.

    If he has improved hit and run on(you can tell from the yellow icon with a hand shooting an arrow or if he uses empowered shot twice in a row) you better run because he just got insanely strong. It lasts 15s and has 82s-ish cooldown.

    He can jump 20m backwith 30s-ish cd. If he has this he probably also has eradicate.

    He can purge your debuffs(Up to 2 per shot). Currently 0 cooldown. 44 points deep though, dmg is slightly gimped if they go this high.

    If he is standing on(or has moved off it in the last 18s) an orange pedestal he will do 10-30% more dmg. Bigger pedestal(sniper's pedestal) means he is 51 point deep and he attempt to stick close to it, similar to those pyro bubbles.
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    As a rogue (judging by your previous posts), why would you lay it all our there for other callings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morituri View Post

    As a rogue (judging by your previous posts), why would you lay it all our there for other callings?
    With the expectation(hope) that others will do the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morituri View Post

    As a rogue (judging by your previous posts), why would you lay it all our there for other callings?
    To be fair, anyone who visits the pvp forums regularly already knows this stuff.

    Good OP anyway.
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    Someone lock this thread, fast, and also ban it from the forums :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by baph View Post
    To be fair, anyone who visits the pvp forums regularly already knows this stuff.

    Good OP anyway.
    You'd hope so but given the clueless blather on these forums that means people would be specc'd 51/51/51/51/51 its often not the case.

    i'd clarify that the ranged interrupt on MM only silences if it interrupts a castable spell.
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