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Thread: Should PVE gear even be allowed in warfronts?

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    Default Should PVE gear even be allowed in warfronts?

    Straight forward question...

    Simple fact is that it is easier for developers to BALANCE warfronts if they limit the gear allowed in them.

    As soon as you allow GSB gear and other high quality PVE gear into warfronts that balance is gone and you create a whole new set of balance issues.

    Why not just have a PVP gear window like they have a wardrobe window and limit the gear that you can use to that which can be purchased from PVP merchant.

    They could allow the basic crafted gear and maybe t1,t2 gear at most and still be able to balance it without too many issues however once you allow raid gear into a warfront you cause to many issues for yourself as a developer. That's time better spent creating more content rather than continously balancing for ever new dungeon and item you put in the game.

    Leave warfront gear restricted.... then balance that.

    Just a thought.

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    Even free cost too much now

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    Ye, don't allow pve gear in warfronts, so when you ding lvl 50 you can get only naked in wfs so we can 1shot you better in full r6 gear!

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