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Thread: Balancing PvP shards

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    I just started Rift and I really like what I see. I think this game is headed in a way that wow should have but didn't and I, for one would like to see it avoid wow's faults if that can be achieved at all.

    I'm going to talk about wow for a minute just so the Rift designers know what I am talking about.

    One of the issues wow had was balancing (or lack of) pvp servers so that the horde or the alliance do not overwhelm each other. They kinda tried to fix that with their random battlegrounds by putting everyone from every server on the same queue system.

    However, Blizzard was blind to the fact that by doing what they did, a lot of people who just want to explore the world of warcraft (which is one of its real strengths), interact with local players (from both sides) and not go into a grind of forever jumping on random battleground queuing systems (or random dungeon finders) will forever be discouraged from doing what the game's strengths were to begin with; exploring the pve elements knowing they can also be surprised by real life players on a pvp server.

    Instead, wow players left wow because it was a process of never ending "queue" this or "queue" that and that was it. No one wanted to do anything outside of the world that Blizzard created because on the one hand, the overwhelming faction owned the land and was getting bored that the other faction isn't showing any "competition". On the other hand, the faction that doesn't have the numbers were too afraid to venture out because they will get ambushed in scenarios of 5 vs 1.

    I recall playing wow as alliance when it was in its first year of release and it was absolutely thrilling to walk/run and ride land mounts (when one could finally afford them) around the countryside, helping noobs or guildies in their quests, or raids into orgrimmar, etc. I recall we often run into horde and we would either be interacting with them and having fun or we would engage in mortal combat out of which grew a respect one had for the other player's skills.

    That element is dead in wow and I do not think it will bode well for Rift if it went down this same path. I can already see Rift starting to take this and that out of wow and implementing it here. I am happy for people to disagree but I think, based on my numerous years of playing wow, I know what I missed most about wow and I for one would like Trion to consider this individual's perspective on why wow failed.

    So with that out of the way, I would like to suggest this to ensure balance on servers.

    At the moment, players are asked which Shard to join when they want to create a new player. There is a "Population" column which only counts the total number of players (probably because a server can only support so many players on a technical level). How about you indicate population level based on faction? If there are too many Guardian players on one faction, how about you rate that FULL and so no more guardian characters can be created on that shard? That way, you give an opportunity for the Defiant population to grow to match?

    Happy to hear feedback/thoughts.

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    good idea. you should post this in the pvp forum.

    this will help a lot with queue times too.

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