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Thread: How to solve orvr and wf boredom in one shot...

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    Default How to solve orvr and wf boredom in one shot...

    Starting out, I'm working off the assumption that most that are asking for RvR or Open World PvP objectives are looking for the following:
    1. A free-flowing area (ie no manufactured start/stop times) that can be entered/exited whenever.
    2. Objectives which have an impact on gameplay outside this area.

    Based on those assumptions, the argument typically is that you need at least 3 factions to prevent one side from permanently outnumbering the other side as there are always going to be multiple fronts to fight a war on.

    So, regarding third faction and why we already have one...
    1. We already have cross-server WF technology.
    2. We already have lore which supports alternate timeline/dimensions.

    Therefore the 'third faction' is just other server-factions.

    So the idea is based around the original format of the DAoC RvR area:
    1. Each server-faction enters through their own little starting area.
    2. Objectives can be one of the three:
    a) server based (so both guardians and defiants work together from the same server against other servers)
    b) faction based (so all guardians vs all defiants from a cluster)
    c) server-faction based (ie Nyx-Defiant vs everyone else on the cluster)
    3. Respawn points are only in the starting areas, and objectives should be a ways out - meaning death in pvp means something, and battle rezzes now have a purpose in pvp. Respawn force should take a bit longer and be interruptable as well so it's a choice rather than a random right click.
    4. There will be some pve content added to this area as well, make it so that there are little out of the way (and not so out of the way) areas where there is content that makes the pve crowd want to come out and risk getting jumped (ie reward matches the risk). This means that the zone gets used regularly.

    Add in some choke points through the paths you have to cross from respawn to objective areas, and you now have an area with the capacity for open world PVP.

    The only major difficulty would be how to flag everyone - but I think to keep the 'faction' aspect interesting - everyone that's not of your server-faction is red (this may be the only major technical hurdle as currently everyone of your faction regardless of server is friendly). So even when you're working together on an objective it means you need to be careful of AE usage if you're working in a team.

    The other major technical issue would be building starting points in a way that's scalable.

    tl;dr version:
    - Introduce a persistant WF, with objectives that when controlled benefit your server-faction.
    - Objectives are either server-faction specific, faction specific, or server specific to create multiple fronts to fight on at all times.
    - Anyone not of your server-faction is red.
    - Entry points are away from objectives and all sides must cross a chokepoint to get into objective areas.
    - Add valuable pve drops in out of the way areas as well to draw out a regular crowd.

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    Hmm your server vs server idea ignited something in my head

    we could do something like a defiant allied with there guardians from the same server like you said but the way to really depict them would be to turn 1 team rift monsters or both teams view each other as rift monsters itd add a twist and make it fit lore because guards and defiants have had to put aside differences on occasion for the safety of telara aparently.

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