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Thread: Black Garden 5 vs 3 ??

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    Default Black Garden 5 vs 3 ??

    Why does Trion let a Black Garden match start 5 on 3? The short team gets completely trounced and, in order to win, they need to come back from a 200 - 0 deficit.

    I call shenanigans.

    If the teams aren't even, end that GD thing.

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    Seen it a couple times. Not very common but very hard to fix. Especially going to happen off-peak hours.

    Game needs 5 players minimum to pop. Game finally gets 5 players for each side and pops. Of those 5 players, 3 select to enter the instance, the other 2 guys are taking a dump in the bathroom. Their timers count down, meanwhile in the warfront the start timer is counting down. They don't get back in time. Game continues to look for more players for that one side, but either no is queued or they are also afk. Takes a few minutes to sort out.

    Not really the end of the world. And not much you can do about it unless you only want to give people a 5 second window to hit the join button when a wf pops..

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