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Thread: Cant attack Target when they are CC'ed

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    Default Cant attack Target when they are CC'ed

    A few players in Warfronts cant seem to be targeted when they get stunned. Their toons seem to be falling through the world or just simply disappear and when the stun ends they reappear or are able to take damage again. I don't know if its a hack or what but it only happens to a few certain players.
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    I've seen the "falling through world" bit but it's so inconsistent that I doubt it's a hack. For my part, it hasn't happened with stuns even once. More often with me charging+rooting them. So I expect it's the server/client spazzing out when it tries to figure out where they should be immobilized at.

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    Its a bug.

    Happens sometimes when I charge people that they disapear for a second or two, you can still hit them though.

    I have also fallen through the world in Whitefall after getting feared. Had to wander around for awhile before I found a place I could jump off into the abyss and respawn.

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    at least half of my paralyzing strikes cause the target to be out of line of site or give me "you are facing the wrong direction" if they were moving when i stunned them.

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    I used to be able to knock people "through the world" every time in Codex, by hitting them with Ebony Terror while they were mounted, but this was fixed in beta.
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