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    Can we get the option to put "personal marks" on targets?
    EXP.: The group/raid leader will still be able to mark targets for the whole group while everybody else will get the option to put personal marks that only he can see, another color as the group/raid wide ones.

    This should (we at least can hope...) make people learn how its helpfull to keep track of specific targets in the chaotic field of a WF, so maybe when they get to be the group leader they'lll continue to set marks for the group to focus on.
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    I'd love this sooooo-ooo-oo much.

    It might make me like the average warfront <-----------> much instead of <----> much, which is quite a lot.

    Seriously though, since raid leader is the guy who clicks to enter first.. it's often very hard to get them to mark any targets even if I ask them to. If I could get just one or two marks I could put up myself.. (then I wouldn't have to tab-target (and tab-targetting isn't very reliable in cycling through the whole enemy team to begin with) until I find the cleric or try to remember exactly how they looked. The floaty names are indistinguishable from the ranges I want to choose my target at, at least to me).

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