I just wanted to say a few things about the PVP I've experienced in this game so far.

Now keep in mind, I just started playing a month or go with a friend, and we're only level 28. (We've leveled 7 or 8 alts to roughly the same level, on various server, we like to take our time :-)) We've just recently started PVPing.

She's playing a healing Cleric (the one with the shields, Purifier? maybe?) and I'm playing a paragon/champion/riftblade warrior.

I have to say, I am LOVING pvp at the moment. I'd say the win/loss ratio on my battle group is pretty even so it's not because me winning or loosing. I think it's because of my spec. PVPing as a Paragon is awesome at this level. I'm capable of ripping people apart. What I love the most is when casters or ranger/marksmen rogues try to kite me, and then they realize "OH SCHNAP, he's got ranged attacks too and they hurt!" I've killed so many people who keep on trying to kite me.

When they realize this, they'll usually stop trying to kite me and just try escaping. At which point I usually use my sprint and catch up to them and kill them in a few seconds.

I think that'll be it for now. Thanks for reading! Gotta get back to PVPing!