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Thread: Whitefall Rez Points Need To Be Moved

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    Default Whitefall Rez Points Need To Be Moved

    I would recommend moving Whitefall Rez points from near the Fang to mid map before/after the green ball mid map and make sure its high enough so no one could get up from below.

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    There's no fang in Whitefall Steppes. Am I being pedantic? Ya.

    Dying in Whitefall represents a setback, just like dying in Port Scion if your team is trying to kill the opposing faction's boss (especially if you don't control the bridge.) Or dying at the node closest to the enemy spawn in Codex. If you jam all the way to the enemy base and get thumped, you just got taken out of the fight. And it means that team play is rewarded because the more people you roll with, the less likely that an assault on the enemy base is going to end having accomplished nothing.

    It's a big map. That's just the way it's set up.

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