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Thread: PvP: Will it come into play?

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    Default PvP: Will it come into play?

    What will Rift come to be?

    PvP itself has been a game play style throughout many MMORPG's including WoW, WAR, DoaC, and GW. We can consider any MMORPG to have three player base categories, those who prefer PvE, those who prefer PvP, and those who enjoy both.

    I myself stuck solely to PvP in Warhammer as well as World of Warcraft, both of which provided a fair PvP experience. Coming to Rift I had high expectations of a new innovative game with attracting ideas. Unfortunate to find, PvP was was extremely scarce when it came to overall content.

    Such a disappointment left me to question, "Should I pursue a game with minimal PvP, or find a new one?". Rift has such a vast variety of potential to build, therefore, I began to do some research to see if the future contained something worth waiting for.

    To my surprise, I came across a link of Trion's website of a job posting for a PvP Content Designer which can be found Here. Simply seeing this provided me enough inspiration to give the game some time to pursue its potential.

    I would like to know all of your ideas. What PvP content should be introduced to Rift? Do you think the game will pursue it? Any ideas on the future of Rift?

    As for my ideas, I would like to see a real world pvp system available for PvP at any time, such as keeps. Holding the keeps will grant the factions side with bonuses and the ability to purchase rewards, etc. I would also like to see an amphitheater system which has rankings and rewards restricted to your rank. Finally, Realm versus realm keep sieges in an instanced battle ground would be a nice addition. Basically like a raid but your team fights through the enemy players to reach a Keep boss which must be killed in order to control the area. Just some ideas I'm throwing out there, I'm sure content designers could come up w/ more innovative ideas.

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    Check back in 6 months.

    Maybe by then they will of hired someone with at least half a clue.
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    The very nature of the Guardian/Defiant conflict, coupled with the posting you mentioned, plus the inherent steps in brainstorming and planning a game like this all point to groundwork for expanded PvP content down the road.

    I'd bet there is stuff already in the works, but at the moment, were unable to really do much other than speculate.

    Personally, I think they are listening to the customers a lot more than we give them credit for, and a lot of people have been asking for more to the PvP side of the game. I knew a lot of people who worked for Sony on EQ2, and they watched message boards a ****load more than most people realized or would have given them credit for. I don't think I'm assuming too much when I say I suspect Trion's Devs are just as avid forum lurkers and feedback junkies, if not even more so.
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