So, obviously this wouldn't be the best at first for shards with lower populations, but with the high population servers we already have plus the upcoming shard transfers, I think it could be a good idea. What i'm talking about is a Guild Wars instance (similar to Runescape's Clan Wars). Now if your going to deny it automatically because I said Runescape, leave my thread.

I think PvP guilds could have alot of fun with a 20v20 guild war. It should take place in some kind of instance like a warfront. It could be a 3 round fight to the death, whereas once you die you dont respawn until the next round. Or maybe there could be different modes, like some of the other warfronts we have but with a guild vs guild.

The rewards could be favor/prestige for everyone with bonus favor/prestige for the winning guild plus experience towards the winning guild's level.

Obviously nothing is perfect. What is wrong with my idea? Point out the flaws and share your opinions.