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Thread: Need Help with a Decent DPS PVP Rogue Build.

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    Question Need Help with a Decent DPS PVP Rogue Build.

    I was an Assassin Rift-stalker but when the recent patch took away some of the things we could do with stealth and planar shift I decided to try something new. I found a video on you tube about Saboteurs doing insane damage with an ability that made each charge count twice. Well I put all the points in place and found out that ability has been nerfed so that super Sabo dps is gone. I played a few matches as Saboteur and found out I was even more Squishy than I was as an Assassin Riftstalker.

    Here are the issues I am trying to address.

    #1. Lack of Burst Damage
    I find that I often lack the burst to take down healer classes or warriors that are being healed. I don't expect to have the 6k+ crits of a mage but would like to be able to kill healers.

    #2. Really Squishy
    Other than faded into the shadows to hide I find I am pretty squishy.

    #3. Don't want to be to dependent on self buffs. It seems when I was a rift stalker with 2 poisons and 2 buffs I was constantly having to rebuff during the fight as my buffs are always being stripped.

    Right now the only Bard build I like is Bard but that is only useful in Port Scion since everywhere else you can never count on a pug staying in a group. But, Bard and Port Scion are both getting old fast. Would love to hear some suggestions. Preferably something other than you suck or L2P. All I am looking for is some builds that people are happy with that I can look at and get ideas from.

    Thank You.


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    Try out a 51 point Sin build, bunch of options you can throw on there based on play style from what you add for your secondary soul, some examples.

    11 NB 4 Inf to pick up more damage and a ranged finisher, some armor pen and your break free.
    10 NB 5 Inf no ranged finisher but you get cloudy poison.

    If rank allows maybe try.

    15 Inf 0 Rng for anathema, cloudy poison, and clense soul, which is awesome. And you get a ranged spammable + finisher.
    10 Inf 5 Rng you lose anathema but you pick up 5% crit.

    Just a couple of suggestions since you have experience with Sin already there wouldn't be much of a learning curve, as with nearly all rogue builds though success will be kinda heavily dependant on gear, both yours and your opponents.

    Good luck, have fun.


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