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Thread: Should slows be on the diminishing return?

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    Default Should slows be on the diminishing return?

    Should slows be on diminishing return?

    I personally believe they should not. Let's put this quite simply, slows is used by everyone. Ranged can use it to slow and kite, or slow and nuke and kill before the target gets on top of you. Melee use it to stay on top of their target.

    IMHO, with the current amount of slow and every class has a slow, and with Break Free which can be used to break free of a slow in a very dire situation (Slowed whiling simply running away, slowed and unable to slow when a target is running away), I don't think the DR on it is necessary and is actually negative to the PVP of this game.

    I've played all 4 classes at 50 (albeit I only own a level 50 cleric, played on friend's account), and slows has always felt balanced in all fights, and snare immune just seems weird sometimes. For instance, as a melee cleric, if I am fighting a ranged character, I'll use the vengeance that slows, use my initial battle charge for a root to be sure to slow the target, and if they ever get away, I can use Bombard from Druid to get a slow on my target (if I have that in my soul point). Meanwhile my opponent also has slows + a variety of counters to my charge (knockback/root/etc...), so uptime wise, it's often balanced, except when the diminishing return pops in. For instance, the Cleric's battle charge is on a pretty short CD, can be used quite often if you fail keep the target slowed, much like a mage or a ranged cleric can knock you back/ root you away or other variety of CC should they fail to kite you while slowed (themselves).

    On warriors, because it's on the DR, it's often quite difficult to stay on top of your target at all times when it's 1v1 (mind you, when I say 1v1 I don't mean duel, can be in a WF and you charge a mage and the mage starts focusing you, doesn't make you magically immune to everyone else, but often most of the damage between you two will be done by each other while everyone is trying to melt each other's face off as well).

    Like wise, as a mage, it's often quite difficult to keep a warrior with the "Run like the Wind" or whatever it's called from Paragon or a rogue on speed off you, which is a counter ability to blink/knock backs/etc... in my book, while slow wouldn't change the fact that they'd be back smashing my face in within seconds, if they weren't immune to slow (unless the ability makes them immune), I'd have a chance at squeezing an extra ability here and there between the use of my CCs, much like all other 3 classes will often be able to score a few extra hits in after using a charge/root/etc...

    Finally, it kinda makes all mobility CC futile since so many abilities have a form of slow or root. I dunno if it's a bug or a coincidence, but if I use Battle Charge as a cleric (which both roots and slow on 2 different debuffs), the second debuff is halved and the target is immune to all future CC, off one ability.

    Anyway, that's my 2 bits on why I think Slows shouldn't be on the DR.
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