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Thread: Favor confusion

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    Default Favor confusion

    I don't understand how the favor is calculated in WF. I routinely have more kills than death. I very nearly always land in the top 3 for damage done, even when I'm on the losing team, yet I'm almost always on the bottom of the earned favor list. Here are a couple SS so you can see what I'm confused about.

    Link to flikr photos

    It isn't like the 30 difference in favor makes a difference in one match, but in as many as I have had like this lately... I'm just curious why so often I'll be a major contributor and end up on the bottom for earned favor.

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    It's because your class is expected to do damage and kill people yet you're just not very good at it. If you're in the top 3 or so, it's because the rest of your battlegroup's not very good at it either.
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