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Thread: PvP & Invasions on a PvP Server

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    Default PvP & Invasions on a PvP Server

    So, this has happened multiple times, and i want to know what you guys think. Take for example IPP, there is a major air invasion going on, and you see multiple players of the opposing side. I tend to attack enemy players regardless of the current defense/boss fight. I take tremendous heat from this? Open pvp is lacking, so when i see a mass of opposing players grouped together, why no attack them? I dont care if they are defending a wardstone, or fighting a boss, they are enemy players. Isnt this the reason for a pvp server? shoouldnt anyone who rolls on a pvp server expect this and enjoy it? What do you guys think? should people not attack eachother when fighting a boss or whatever?

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    Don't see what the problem is, the purpose of rolling on a pvp server is to have that element of pvp to make everything more of a challenge...

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