Well, the title says it all, i'm really hoping Trion will introduce some form of pvp, wether it be arena or a WF style rated pvp.

I'd like to start off by saying I'm greatful that Trion does very well in making sure pvp is balanced, I'm shocked at how it currently is to be honest, granted, there will ALWAYS be flaws in balance, I think Rift is an absolute great spot in terms of that =)
Back to the topic! At 50, our only goal (pvp minded) is to at some point, reach rank 6, which isn't a very tedious grind if you're willing =P But I personally don't like looking at pvp as a "grind", there's no since of pride involved. I'm aware that this game is very, very young, and i'm very pleased with how Trion has done ALREADY. I'm aware that arena is kind of all of over the place, some hate it, some love it, me being on the love side, but I just want some type of rated pvp, something that shows that he or she has talent in pvp. I'm not at all bashing the rank 6 people, but to be fair, you can lose each and every WF and hit at some point.

I'm currently rank 4, just kind of lost my drive to "grind" out the prestige for the time being.