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Thread: Devouring Blow Awesomeness

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    Default Devouring Blow Awesomeness

    Hai there forum warriors,

    If you detaunt (-50% damage reduction) or use any damage reduction cooldowns (ie healver's cov) on a fotm champ/vk warrior and he uses devouring blow, it still drains the full amount of mana instead of damage done. I'm guessing this works on all damage based mana drains, but I've only tested devouring.

    Warrior normally uses devouring blow for 1000 damage, and drains 1000 mana.
    Detaunt said warrior, he hits with devouring blow for 500 damage, and it still drains 1000 mana.

    Not sure if this is intended either, but if you use a bubble and are hit by devouring blow or related ability and it does 0 damage to the player, it still drains the amount of mana for the damage done to the bubble.

    Cleric uses bubble. Warrior uses devouring for 500 damage, 500 absorbed. 500 mana drained.

    I'm sure there will be some QQ to follow this post, but for you blue bars out there, don't bother detaunting those silly warriors just to preserve mana.

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    Wait, what?

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    Well, the ability still hits hard enough that you should be detaunting it anyway.

    It's probably an issue with the order in which calculations get made. I'd expect it goes something like this:

    Damage is rolled.
    Armor mitigation is applied.
    A mana drain effect is created, using the current damage value.
    Other applicable mitigations take effect. There are no abilities that specifically protect from mana drains so mana drain isn't mitigated further while damage is.
    Mana drain and damage applied to target.

    If those other mitigations were applied before the mana drain effect is created, it too would be reduced.

    I don't think such a change is necessary though, although I might be a bit biased here (being a champ/vk myself).

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