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Thread: Unobtainium for The Storm Guard

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    Default Unobtainium for The Storm Guard

    I am not certain if it is even possible to obtain the required faction for the level 35 gear before leveling well past it via pvp alone.

    I am level 38 now and pretty much purely pvp'd since I was a wee lil bard. (as full spec bard, riftblade offpoints.)

    Long an short of it. I am Honored with Moribund (23990/35000), Decorated with Eldritch Seekers (11910/20000), and finally friendly with The Storm Guard (4075/10000).

    I will probably be able to buy the lvl 45's by the time I get there but that seems very unrealistic to have Decorated needed at level 35 when you have only 9 levels to obtain them to be of relevant use as you can only start earning their faction at level 30.

    I use the random an Q for all but that cant be the only reason it is so high.

    I do every daily I pvp and I nearly pvp everyday. Warfront Veteran, 84,000 favor and over 5000 kills. I think you set the bar a little high.
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    I forget how many months into 50 it was before I had the rep for even the 35 gear... things are easier now than they were, but they are probably still way off. They made it entirely too easy to level in the game, so many of the rep vendors are pointless unless they are the 50 variety - PvP and PvE.

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    My 39 cleric is decorated to all 3 available warfront factions. The only PvE zone I've completed is Scarwood (to get the blue helmet at the end of the chain). Normally, I don't do anything else but WFs to level. Since making 30, he has only ran Whitefall.
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