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Thread: any chance of there being arena any time soon?

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    Lightbulb any chance of there being arena any time soon?

    I enjoy this game and LOVE it's concept and all the wonderful extras put into the system. the one thing I am really missing right now is a good ol 2v2 or 3v3 arena situation. I like warfronts, but they have the tendency to be quite chaotic unless you are in a premade. Premades take WAY too much coordination for me to pull off, ( I have a life) so I am wondering if there could be a smaller scale arena system in place for those of us who don't want to spend 3 hrs working on coordinating a premade.

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    Everyone has a life, it all comes down to each individual how he wants to define his. As for arena, most likely wont happen since theyre still looking for a lead pvp dev designer. Some sort of competetive system is needed, though a 2v2 or 3v3 bracket might not be possible as players die much faster than on WoW. Trion is usually known for always being open to the community, but theyve kept quiet concerning all PvP aspects, which makes it safe to think that nothing major is going to take place the next months.
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    Please no, for the 100th time in threads identical to this.

    Arenas lead to balancing around 2v2 which skews warfronts which skews PvE which changes the game (usually not for the better).
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    It looks like you're asking about the possibility of a arena pvp-style content being added to the game in the near future.

    Well, to gain information about that you have to read statements, articles and interviews from Trion developers. You can't really trust any other source as they are usually defined as rumors. It is also generally known that Trion tent to answer frequently requested changes.

    Trusting that you already know this, you are probably asking; what have Trion adressed about PVP, more specified, pvp arenas? Also, how frequently have people requested arenas?

    A short answer to those questions is; Trion has not, as I have noticed by reading most of the articles, adressed this issue yet. There also haven't really been any large quantities of request or discussions about this implement. The primary addition of content that both have been requested and mentioned is the implement of world pvp.

    If you are coming from some other game(im guessing WoW(arena reference)) and like are looking for arena action, im afraid you will be disappointed. But the truth is there is not really a big chance to this happening. Even if it did, this game is so differently designed from those that offer this, it wouldnt work because of the imbalance in small-scale pvp.

    Sure, there is a chance that arena is going to be added. Any time soon? no. World pvp is first in line.

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