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Thread: Warfront Stretegies - Codex

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    Default Warfront Stretegies - Codex

    I have been in quite a few of these and there are about as many strategies as there are players. Its bad when you are all running in 10 different directions. So I am hoping that this thread will help bring some order to this chaos.
    Let's start off with what I see that doesnt work. Going for Codex and holding one more. In theory this makes sense, in practice it does not. Because all the opposing side needs to do is to attack in force either the codex or the +1 to create an imbalance in their favor.
    Going for everything but codex. Again in theory works, in practice not so much ... you are spreading your team thin to try and "hold" all three. And then a rogue ninja's the vault or something stupid happens and everyone is all over the map.
    The general theory of conquering and "holding" is flawed.
    My suggestion, and what seems to work more often than not is to zerg the codex, and after you succeed (assuming a success), push on to either scope or statue. Once you see that your team or the other team has hit the dex, respawners should be crossing the bridge by vault to hit up the other side. This cuts off re-inforcements and is sort of a pinch strategy. Works well in causing confusion and mistakes.
    Now while the other team is trying to push you off statue or scope, you are getting points from your 2 bases (maybe three if someone ninja'd vault in the panic of the other team being pushed back) while they get NOTHING. Now eventually you will get wiped, they will get their closest base and move to codex. Again as a full group, either re-inforce dex or come back around them, cross the bridge by vault, hit their base and move in behind them. Again this will cause panic .. I've seen it numerous times ... the more panic you can create on the other teams side, the more they will separate and you can pick off the straglers.
    The key with this strategy is solid defense by a very aggresive offense. If you wait for the other team to attack, it allows them to come in force and coordinated. The more organized team wins. Simple as that.
    Please poke holes in this strat, im curious to hear what people have to say.

    When the majority of the team is on board with this strat I have won 6/7 times (and the time we lost it was because we ran out of time, it was like 850-830). Every other strat I am below .500 (about 50 runs total). It could be luck, but I don't think so.
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    guardins hitting scope, or defiants hitting statue, is the single most important move each side can do. it acts like a magnet for bads, often causing them to abandon codex. it cuts off reinforcements. it essentialy 'controls' the entire map due to the fact that every other flag is 'behind' these 2 points, respective of which faction your on.

    imo vault is of greater value than either scope (for defiants) or statue (guardians) simply beacuse the focus is on codex/scope/statue. meaning vault has more time unassaulted to earn points. however, its value is deminished if too many resources (players) are wasted keeping control of it.

    codex should recieve the bulk of the attention. even if not directly, it should always been the end goal. defiants assaulting statue should be doing so with the intention that codex shall drop into their laps as a result. likewise with guardians and scope.
    vault should never have more than a single player flipping/camping it. any more than that negates its limited value. its too far from codex to be easilly controlable.
    scope/statue should vary depend on defending or assaulting. if defending your nearest (defiant - scope) any more than 2 players is too many. if the guardians have assaulted scope, and it will take more than 2 players to recapture, its not worth it. its taken too much focus away from codex. those additional players above the 2 player limit would be better utilized at either codex or statue. when assaulting the other teams nearest flag (defiant - statue) its a case of the more the merrier. the more players you have there, the longer you can hold it, and the more opposing players you can throw a net over, drawing them in as they leave their spawn. however, there is a factor of 'too much of a good thing' when assaulting the opposing flag. the more you have there, the larger the group of opponents needed to wipe you, but when they eventualy do, they are all grouped up ready to support eachother for an assault on codex, and your group is all the way back at your spawn!

    one final point i'll make... allowing your team to be drawn into fighting at your nearest flag (defiant - scope) is just one short step away from being spawn camped. as such it should be avoided at all costs. if you cant recap with just 2 players, then your team is better off either focusing on codex, or even spread all over the map at vault/statue/codex. better to be spread out and keeping the opposition running between flags than to be spawn camped into afkness.

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    Walled and no punctuation. Was the other thread like this? I didn't really read it either. I want to point out that the Codex and Vault alone will not win you a game. Their point weight is on par with that of Statue's and Scope's. Reading on a bit further you made an obvious point as to why a lot of teams lose simply defending: if you leave all of your fighters defending an arbitrary number of locations you make available to the enemy the opportunity of bringing their offensive numbers to maximum.

    Then I stopped reading but I digress.

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    The OP is just pointing out a proper method of taking an objective. I did the same thing in Warhammer on the Lighthouse WF map.

    Basically when there are 3+ points, and 1 is a center point being worth the most. The strategy is to take the center one the easiest way possible. This does not necessarily mean charge Codex. It does however depend how many people are in the game.

    If you have 5 on 5 in codex go ahead and rush the codex. You will need all 5 people to take it. If you have a full team, then play the strat as it should be played.

    Send forces to codex, some will always go no matter what, so let them. Get youre squad together, 3-5 people. Go take the enemies first base, while one person takes vault. That person meets at the enemy flag after he caps.

    Now youre 3-5 people wait at the enemy flag cutting off any reinforcements to codex and delaying the enemy valuable time. This is where "hope" comes in. Because you "hope" youre team is smart enough to realize there is a major gap in the enemies reinforcements they will take Codex and hold it.

    Now its up to you to slow down the enemy and cut off reinforcements. Dont feed yourself to them, and dont sacrafice yourself for it. Slow them down anyway you can. Which means run around and let them chase you while you run the opposite way of the codex. If you have to die...die as far away from codex as possible. This will maximize the delay in the enemy reinforcements.

    The proper way to take an objective is to make the youre enemy focus on another objective thus losing the initiative. You lose the initiative you lose the battle.
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    This should be obvious, but after playing Codex a few times I realize it isn't to all.

    Codex - 5 points per tick
    Others - 3 points per tick

    Points are not awarded while a control point is being "assaulted".

    It is just as important if you are behind to keep the other team from scoring as it is to score. If you are the type who can cap solo, sneak off and do it. The rogue incap is extremely useful here. As is slumber.. Etc
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