Hello everyone,

In my mind as a lvl 50 there is really not a lot of open pvp or large scale pvp, as there is rarely a reason for a lvl 50 to be wandering about hunting outside of in shimmersand.

I vote for a territory system. since the map is broken up already into contested territories, why not incorporate 3-4 fortresses in each territory and an individual castle. Fortresses/Castle could supply unique clan passive bonuses and open a Porticulum into the caste for a perhaps convenient port to an area that would otherwise require a bit of a hike.

Incorporate a castle siege weekend, while during the siege factions should be able to Flag on each other in order to defend or attack a castle, so that you might have a guardian clan, and a defiant clan attacking the fortress you own simultaneously. This allows for a little more competition amongst clans within factions as well as promote large scale pvp.

The castles and fortresses themselves could open a daily or twice daily instanced raid, unique to each fortress and castle. This would be a perk to PvE players as it would be a raid that could only be experienced by the fortress/castle owner. As there would be fewer castles naturally the instance should provide better loot/harder bosses.

It would be nice to see more of an emphasis on the Guilds of the game. I feel that the described territory system would be an impressive improvement in the game play for all players.