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Thread: There's no PVP in WFs....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdela13 View Post
    Sure there was. See Warhammer.
    LOL yea I was about to ask that person if they have ever played a White Lion

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    Defiant is very dominant on faeblight/sunrest/lotham cluster also, only one guardian premade is still running, and rarely. Defiant has 4 - 6 premades running at all hours of the day and night, including right now, normally with at least 3 of the 4 maps being farmed, included by bloated scion premades (solo queue at the same time odds are you get in with your mates). I finally hit rank 5 on 5/1 and am now 80k/360k prestige after 4 x 10 hour days of pvp grind. ~2k prestige per hour, so only about 180 hours of warfront grind for rank 5 - 6 for guardian on this battlegroup (rofl).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiron101 View Post
    Wierd how many guardian and defaint players both complain about losing to many Wfs ,but it is true that when you are 50 its all about the points and not the experience. Hurrah for people who can't enjoy entertainment they pay monthly for!
    Hey Gang!

    Come on down to level 50 land, where you can get a heapin' helpin' of all the Gangrape your eyes can handle!

    What's that you say? 500 - 3 Isn't FUN? Bull Pucky! You spend upwards of 15 dollars a month on this game so there for this experience MUST be a romping good time!

    So suck it up, and let your free time be dominated by out patented frustrating repetitive slaughter-festival TODAY!

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    I'm on the Epoch/Kelpmere/Neddra/Hammerlord cluster and despite what appears to be a wild pro-Defiant population disparity on my server(Epoch), WFs on the cluster are definitely pro-Guardian. Our side simply has more high ranking regulars at the moment, so if anyone's looking for a good Guardian cluster for WFs, this might be it.

    I pretty much only solo queue, and we're 58-41 on BG, 28-11 on Codex (our best map it seems) and 17-12-3 on WF since I started keeping track. My recorded w/l so far (and bear in mind I'm even counting matches that ended ten seconds after join, as I'm more interested in general trends than my own personal record) is an aggregate 103 - 64 - 3, giving the Guardians on this cluster a 60.5% observed win rate. Most Defiant wins come between the hours of 1am and 4-5ish am--my data largely ends there since that's usually when I go to bed so I don't know how long their nighttime domination actually lasts.

    So if your cluster sucks and you don't mind a reroll, come join Epoch! We need Guardians on that server and win our cluster's WFs anyway. I banged out my t4 in like 8 days. Life is good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1.2 patch notes
    * The talking Raptors around Redoubt no longer have say text on aggro. Clever girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thulium View Post
    The defiant vs guardian "imbalance" as a whole is non-existent. It's all based on battle group, time of day, server types, and etc.

    In my battlegroup (seastone, briarcliff, byriel, etc) for example, Defiant pretty much always loose. We get the occasional victory, but most the time it is decidably one sided.

    15-20 minute queues for a constant steam of embarrassing losses is starting to suck, haha.
    Briarcliff is matched with Harrow and Silkweb, I don't ever remember seeing Seastone or Byriel in a WF.

    In the Briarcliff, Harrow and Silkweb Battlegroup; many times it depends upon the time of day, for some reason the Guardians do better at certain times and the Defiant do better at other times. At some times it is a total draw with scores being 455-500/970-1000/2-3. These are the game I love the most.

    Of course when a premade group is in the game, all bets are off.
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