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Thread: Crowd Control in game is the worst implementation I have ever seen

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    Default Crowd Control in game is the worst implementation I have ever seen

    Every WF I am in I spend at least 50% of my time watching my avatar die to CC.

    This is by far the worst example of CC in any game that I have ever played.

    1. Every NPC has it.
    2. Every NPC no matter the level seems to be able to dismount you and then a stun/snare you. Let's not even mention exposed.. What a joke!
    3. Every PC has it and most have many forms of it.
    4. Immunity? What immunity?

    This is the first MMO that I have ever played that seems to get worse the longer it's live. It is painfully obvious that the Dev team at Trion has zero desire, ability or knowledge to make a real PVP game. I feel like I was misled by Trion at every turn and thus have decided to put this game on the shelf until some real changes are made. I can't help but think back to the quote "Our game doesn't even begin until end game"... and I promise that my subs in the mail. At least the live event was fun, o wait..
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    lied to is not really strong enough seems like the end game is very small doing the same instances over and over and pvp is a joke CC is out of control trion said there game didnt start till end game will with 2 50s and a 46 and 36 im still waiting well kinda waiting as my sub is now canceled

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