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Thread: Weekly Tournaments

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    Default Weekly Tournaments

    How cool would it be if there were Weekly Guild Battle Royal Tournaments to show who is the best!

    In my last game there was this thing called guild siege, and it would happen every Week, where a Max of 8 Guild would compete in this HUGE Battle Royal Guild Vs. Guild Vs. Guild and it would have a time limit of 30 Mins. Extremely Competitive, I basically Lived for it weekly with my friends and competitors.
    The Top Killer would be known as the MvP, with a little medal next to there name, and the Top Guild would be known as the Crowned Guild, and they would get this little Gold and Red crown next to there names.
    Cool thing was it was all about teamwork, if you didn't have fast reflexes (everyone used scrolls that increased there speed to like 400% that of normal, and Jumping height to 100%, coupled with other Power ups that made everyone able to 1hko ppl) and team work you would lose.
    Anyone have thoughts on it?

    This is the 2nd MMO i've ever Really got into, so idk if thats in other games as well, just throwing it out there for debate.
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