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Thread: Neddra's Essence + 30% dmg reuction from new valor ger =100% immunity?

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    Default Neddra's Essence + 30% dmg reuction from new valor ger =100% immunity?

    In addition to the above changes, we're placing a cap on the percent of damage that can be reduced by pure damage reduction effects from spells and abilities in PvP.

    This will only affect PvP game play and is currently capped at 75%. The cap will have no effect on Armor Mitigation, Spell Resistances or Valor as those all occur before pure damage reduction is applied.
    Neddra's Essence due to the change will mean only 75% dmg reduction from players... but what about the cap having no effect on valor? valor is getting a huge buff, filling in that remaining 25% mitigation with valor will be no problem. So even with changes does this mean warlocks will get a 100% dmg reduction ability vs. players on a 3 min timer?

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    It sounds like valor (etc.) occurs first, ie, you reduce the amount by 30%, then reduce what's left by the other 75%. That would be equivalent to about 82.5% damage reduction, rather than 100%.

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    No you can no longer get 100% damage reduction even with pvp gear. As stated by trion the midagation from your pvp gear will hapen be for any other midagation. So in other words if you have 30% midagation from pvp gear and some one hits you with a spell that dose 100 damag, your pvp gear will drop the 100 damage to 70 damage. You then can only midagate 75 percent of that damage. So you are still takeing 25% of 70 damage.
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