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Thread: Before Jumping into a completely game changing CC patch.

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    Default Before Jumping into a completely game changing CC patch.

    Please devs take the time to really think about how your patch works with 3 people doing cc on one team while you were playing those people doing the cc, focus firing.


    The idea of having a very low cooldown break free.

    The main difference is, instead of being immune right off. He get's hit with it and can always remove it.

    So if a warrior snared a mage and a mage wants to kite, he can always break the snare, but he got hit with the snare giving the warrior time to do atleast one other thing before the mage runs off. If the warrior uses his snare after someone else on his team used cc in the current update, I notice when things are immune they don't even do damage, so it would be a complete waste of a skill, just like using one of doms stun based interrupts.

    The problem with kiting in this game, was indeed the warriors snares that made you feel snared when you kite. Completely taking that from the warrior screws him (immunities), completely letting him have it 100% of the time on the mage, screws the mage from kiting (long break free), letting it always land, but always only seconds from being removed, is pretty much good for the both of them.

    I think a 3-5 second break free would be very balanced while having a bunch of cc.

    The cc still lands, but if you have to heal at that moment, you could break it if you had to and heal within one gcds time, instead of getting perma locked, you could also perma break.

    But instead of that stun being immune, it actually hit you and interrupted you if you were using a skill, while you could always break it, making a stun just a very minor problem unlike now, you didn't completely ignore the other pvper by design, making him useless for no reason.
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